One Year Later (english ver)


Its a beautiful dau, so bright. City park is so crowded. Peoples walking with exhilaration. They held hand with him girlfriend. I, Andreas P Wiraatmadja just sit in a chair that looks dull in this park while many people looking busy. One year ago, i was sitting in a chair with the sweet girl most i love. We enjoy the the blue could, we enjoy glowing leaves that surround the city park, attention to behavior of people and we are dissolved in a beautiful moment together. But today i was felt so cool and lonely eventhough the cloud shining bright and the park is very busy with the activities of peoples. Today so contrast than a year ago. I sat alone and looks sad. “I love you and I wanna love you until the end” that phrase who always remember Andreas from Miki. Yes, Miki P Salbanita, The sweet girl who always hoped his presence. Miki asked to Andreas for forget her and Andreas not know a reason why Miki say it. And then Miki want and dissapeared without a word. Until finally Andreas heard that Miki has a new boyfriend. Andreas’s heart so sick and upset at the news. And Andreas tried to forget her but the result is zero. “Yes! I think i could be fine without her but its wrong. All was is vain. I wish I could repeat the time and I willn’t let this happen, I willn’t let you go and leave me alone. Now I just can remember the baeutiful moment which happened between me and Miki.” Andreas sighed to himself.

“You dont change even one year Im not see you” suddenly Andreas heard a familiar voice.
“You! Im daydreaming, sorry!” said Andreas flat and he see the women with the red shirt and pink scarf who was sitting beside him.
“How are you?” Miki said.
“Bad” Andreas said.
“I think youre happy after we had split up” Miki say.
“I? happy? I think youre happy? asked Andreas.
” I think I can be happy but I was wrong” said Miki slowly.
“If i said Im happy and fine, Im wrong. because in reality all things about you always disturb my mind.” Andreas says. “How about youre boyfriend?” said Andreas again.
“Do you remember the promise that I say to you?” Miki said without answering Andreas question.
“I, Miki P salbanita promise only make Andreas P Wiraatmadja as the most beloved to the end until I cant breath” Andreas aid with a bit imitate style of Miki.
“Hmmp~ you still remember it. But I violaton that promise.” said Miki looks sorry.
The atmosphere was quiet for a minute. Andreas bowed his head and Miki looked nervous with his words. “until this world end, I never forget your promise, Miki. Even, I wish i could claim that promise to you now” said Andreas to himself.
“Its time for me to go home, bye Andreas” Miki said breaking the silence and she began to walk away from Andreas.

After Miki was gone, Andreas couldnt holding back the tears and his cheek wet by tears. Andreas stopped breathing for a minute and his body began to heat up. Perhaps this effect of dissappointment of Andreas againts which cant say that he still loves Miki. Andreas tears are vain, because these tears cannt make Miki back to him again. Before Miki had moved away, she said “Someday you should be happy with youre choice and I will be happy with my choice. So, its better you no longer to remember the moments that ever happened between us, because if you still remember, it will only make uou feel sick. Now, you better try to be sensitive to many people arround you, who knows one of them is the happiness that you’ve been looking for” Miki words like a snow in the summer that I cant believe.

Miki never know the true feelings of Andreas after they split. After Miki asked Andreas to forget herself, Andreas has always hoped that one year later when he meet again with Miki, Andreas want to say thanks to Miki because after Andreas know and loves Miki, Andreas can learn about the meaning about happiness, true love and sacrifice. And finally at one year later, all hoped and wishes Andreas was vanished. “I will forget everything and I’d be happy for the women I love.” Andreas said sure.

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