Told in an area called the Village Wangunsari-life people with affluent and prosperous citizens. Wangunsari village is the village to own a fertile and abundant natural resources, so that people living in villages it is very adequate. Most villagers are farmers and ranchers. As the saying goes “There is no ivory that is not cracked,” although the village’s population live in harmony and in harmony, there is still some residents who live not according to the norm. Corner edge of the river lies a village where residents are often used for gambling and prostitution when harvest season comes. Residents flocked to the site to nenghabiskan money and crops with ease. Not a few of those who came home with empty hands and carrying a large debt, so in the end those who have debts must be paid by way of surrender or daughter’s house to the owner of the gambling place.

One day, drought-stricken village wangunsari. Land becomes barren, dead because kakeringan Plants, animals die, and many villagers are starving due to the rice and vegetables do not grow. Drought is really making people miserable. A priest is troubled by the state of his village, and intend to be imprisoned in the cave to ask for help to god. And the priest went away alone without being noticed by other villagers.

A month passed, the pastor belun inspired nothing. The pastor was increasingly concerned with the circumstances of the village wangunsari worse by drought. But the minister can do is keep praying to God neminta assistance. a few days later, the pastor received a commandment from God through a strange sound echoing in the cave. “Make a big rock pile at the end of irrigation. Tell wargamu all helped, if anyone does not help then your attempt to stop the drought is not going to work “the mysterious voice suddenly disappeared. With a happy feeling that the priest rushed to the village wangunsari to tell this good news.

All citizens of the village hall gathering. Pastor came forward to declare the good news. “Let all the villagers wangunsari, after I asked for a solution to be imprisoned this drought to god almighty, I finally ordered to make a pile of stones to hold the water at the end of irrigation. So, let us all together to build the stone kemarmuran our village “said the pastor to all citizens. “But there is one condition that must be satisfied that all citizens should work to make this stone” Decisive preacher. “Come on, let’s do it now!” Cried the citizens with a passion. Boulders and even then woke up after all the people trying hard.

Wangunsari village life back as usual. fertile rice land back, as well as land for vegetables and the rivers return to water. But villagers wangunsari prosperity did not last long. Stone dam water was slowly cracking. which causes water ditampungnya shrink little by little. panicked residents returned to the scene. “What is this? what happened? “shouted one resident at the village hall all come together. “Pastor, why the stone can crack,” he asked the priest again. “Then I say, if one is not part of this great stone building, the stone will be crushed”. the priest said nervously. “Who do not contribute to building a large rock pile that?” Asked the village chief to all citizens. But people even still, no one answered. “Well then, if no one confessed, I will ask the pastor to pray to god that he gave a major disaster to us all” threatened the village.

“Sorry sir before the village chief, if not wrong, Kadir helped build the stone was not because he was drunk severe gambling place” said Doyok surprising of all citizens. “Where now Kadir” asked the village chief. “She must have in place gambling is the chief village” replied Doyok. “Quickly bring him here!” Command chief.

Kadir Doyok brought to the village hall, where all the people gathered. “It’s him, Kadir had come” said one resident. Kadir was dragged by drunk overlooking the village. “What should we do now pastor?” Said the head of the village to find a solution. “Perhaps there should be sacrificed for the prosperity of our village” said the pastor. “What the minister mean?” Said village chief confusion. “Yes, we’ve made scapegoat Kadir as an apology because we have neglected” the pastor said. “How?” Asked the village chief. “We made it back to the rock pile, but at one side of the body we insert Kadir as a scapegoat” the pastor said cautiously. “I agree to the pastor,” shouted one resident. followed by remarks from all the residents agree. “We have no other choice” said the head of the village.

Residents returning to the big rock pile in accordance with what was said by the priest. after the stone was finished, the stone back dibendungan water filled and remained there until now. wangunsari villagers prosper again.


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